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Product 7Hz Timeless
Driver 1x Planar
Who is it for? People wanting a decent tuning with great bass performance and resolution. Additionally, people wanting to try out a decent planar IEM.

Frequency Response

*This measurement has been taken with a IEC711 coupler. You can find more in my Graph Database."

About the IEM

  • Somewhat odd design that I wouldn’t really like wearing in public because of the big disk that protrudes out of the ear
  • Excellent fit, that quite surprised me given the design
  • Great overall package with a big selection of tips and a good-feeling cable
  • Seems to have some QC problems according to other users, everything was fine with my unit

🥈Great accessory package and good fit, somewhat hindered by a unsightly design and QC problems

Sound Impressions

  • Excellent crisp and dynamic bass
  • Treble can be piercing at some points
  • Tends to loose some detail and resolution in the treble region
  • More suitable for male than female vocals → shown quite well in “Without a Parachute by Anna Rosinelli”
  • Midbass can sometimes drown out part of the vocals and move them to the background of a track
  • Vocals can further give a “metallic” impression, especially female vocals
  • Average stage and imaging is too “central”
  • Outstanding details and resolutions, nearly unmatched at that price point

🥈Decent sounding IEM with a fun and entertaining tuning that excels with outstanding details and resolution

Song Impressions

Song Impressions
White Dress - Lana del Rey Vocals unpleasant (-> Treble)
Altes Fieber (ohne Strom) - Die Toten Hosen Vocals a tad too much in the background, live audience almost not hearable, solid live stage imitation
Another Love - Tom Odell Bass suprisingly a litte lacking, Vocals get good representation and feel intimate enough, instruments tightly clustered
Exile - Taylor Swift Justin Vernon’s vocals sound just amazing and powerful, while Taylor’s voice is just bit frayed, soundstage too close


S12: The elephant in the room

When reviewing the 7Hz Timeless, there’s one big elephant in the room: The Shuoer S12, another well-received planar IEM with a similar tuning to the Timeless. While I haven’t yet listened to the S12, most people that have heard both, tend to prefer the S12, even if it’s just because of the about $60 lower price. When you’re looking to buying the Timeless, at least keep the existence of the S12 in mind.

SeeAudio Yume:Midnight

The Yume:Midnight are one of the benchmark IEMs at around $200 and therefore a logical comparison to the Timeless.

Advantages Timeless:

  • Better fit, especially for longer listening sessions
  • Better, more crispy bass
  • Better details and resolution

Advantages Yuma:Midnight:

  • More enjoyable treble
  • Better female vocals
  • Stage is wider and imaging more exact

Moondrop Kato

The Cato are another stable at the $200 mark and another clear contender.

Advantages Timeless:

  • Surprisingly better fit

Advantages Kato:

  • Design is more beautiful to look at and wear
  • More reserved bass


The 7Hz Timeless are quite the success. Not only are the Timeless the first Planar IEMs that are actually good and enjoyable (sorry Tin P1…), they are just good IEMs.

They excel especially with technicalities that are almost unmatched at around $200. For IEMs that are as detailed and as resolving, you’d almost have to go to the about $100 more expensive Moondrop Blessing 2 (Dusk).

The mid bass is the one thing that’s a somewhat big downside for my personal preference. It tends to overpower and overshadow the mids and especially the vocals. Combined with a peaky treble performance, vocals aren’t necessarily the Timeless’ strength.


  • First good, even great, planar IEM
  • Excellent technicalities (detail and resolution)
  • Impactful, controlled bass
  • Great fit and accessory package


  • Treble-y female vocals
  • Bass can be overpowering
  • Average staging and subpar imaging
  • Treble can show sibilance