Product Yanyin Aladdin
Driver Configuration Hybrid: 1x Dynamic Driver (DD) + 3x Balanced Armature (BA)
Price 249,00 USD
Who is it for? Somebody looking for decent tuning with great vocal performance, putting male and female voices in the focus of attention. Tea-like tuning for a cheaper price.

Frequency Response

About the IEM

  • Decent design; I really like the faceplates, but the shells are a tad boring
  • Great fit, should also work for rather small ears
  • Simple but solid and elegant cable
  • Tips could be better

Sound Impressions

  • As somewhat expected, the vocal performance in most songs is just great. Female as well as male vocals are clearly the focus of the tuning.
  • Separation can be a bit too unclear, especially in more “hectic” songs.
  • Often lacking slightly in sub-bass (which I prefer rather impactful). Especially problematic in songs that strongly rely on sub-bass.
  • Details and resolution are about what I’d expect at that price point. Quite good, but not as good as the best in the category, like the Blessing 2.
  • Typically rather fun and “danceable” IEM, not that analytic or technical.

Song Impressions

Song Impressions
Another Love - Tom Odell Tom‘s voice lacks a little details. Keyboard sounds just as you‘d expect when sitting close to it. A tad too much mid-bass, slightly drowning out the vocals. Not enough separation in „hectic“ parts. Probably the weakest of those songs with the Aladdin.
Exile - Taylor Swift Justin Vernon‘s and Taylor’s vocals feel equally intimate and clear. Keyboard is powerful but not overshadowing.
Blood‘s Thicker Than Water - Bobby Bazini Character in his voice transfers really well. Sub-bass could be a bit more powerful.
Shirt & Handtuch - Mayberg Vocals feel incredibly intimate, giving a „live in a cozy bar“-vibe. Cymbals are pleasantly soft.
ABCDEFM - Eldorad FM Sub-bass should be more impactful. Relaxed vocals, giving room and displaying the particularities of each member of Eldorado FM.
Nie verliebt - Paula Hartmann Contrary to other songs, bass is just right here. Once again, intimate, close vocals.
Supermodel - Maneskin Vocals almost too close. Great song to show the musicality of the IEMs that just let you rock out as the kids might say.


Mangird Tea

I’ve decided to compare the Yanyin Aladdin to the original Mangird Tea instead of the newer Tea MkII because I slightly enjoy them more. The original Tea just have some kind of special sauce that make listening to them a experience that not a lot of IEMs can compare to.

Advantages Tea:

  • Better design. The Teas are some of the most beautiful IEMs available.
  • Slightly better fit
  • Vocals are a litte more „special“ and present
  • Better balance between sub- and mid-bass
  • A little more technical (esp. resolution)

Advantages Aladdin:

  • Cheaper
  • Fit probably easier for most people
  • Treble a bit more laid-back
  • Better cable
  • Mids sometimes even more present, more „in your face“ in a good way

Winner: When choosing between these two quite similar IEMs, I’d still go with the Tea. Their reproduction of vocals is just a little more special, making the Tea a unique IEM you just have to love. The Tea just has that special magic that not a lot of other IEMs can match.

Softears Volume

In contrast to the Tea, the Softears Volume have quite a different tuning than the Yanyin Aladdin. Still, the Volume are an IEM around the same price that I quite like and enjoy listening to. The Volume are way more V-shaped, with more bass and especially quite more treble than the dark Aladdin.

Advantages Volume:

  • Amazing design and accessories
  • More fun and exciting
  • Sub-bass more impactful

Advantages Aladdin:

  • Cleaner, more straight-forward tuning
  • Vocals way more present and resolving
  • Treble less prone to be peaky

Winner: Honestly, the choice between the Aladdin and Volume mostly comes down to preference. If you prefer a darker, litte more laidback tuning with focus on mids and vocals, then go for the Aladdin. If you’d like a little more excitement with a slightly V-shaped tuning, then go with the Volume.


The Aladdin were my first experience with Yanyin IEMs and didn’t disappoint. They mostly delivered what I expected and hoped for: a tuning similar to the original IEMs, with its strength in giving the vocals the presence and place on your inner music stage they deserve. Especially at the quite fair price of 250 USD, the Aladdin offer a great experience with a tuning that sets them apart from most other IEMs around that price. Still, while you can’t really go wrong with the Aladdin, I feel like the 50 USD more for the Mangird Tea might just be the way to go if you’re looking for that kind of tuning.


  • Vocals focused tuning
  • Smooth, somewhat laid-back tuning
  • Some of the clearest and most present mids
  • Again, great and intimate vocals, equally for male and female singers


  • Fit can be tricky
  • Limited accessories
  • Bass often not detailed enough
  • Not that detailed, especially compared to its competition
  • Sub-bass not impactful enough


In my personal ranking list I’d rate the Yanyin Aladdin at a solid B- for sound quality and B for value. I wouldn’t rate it quite as good as the Mangird Tea (A-/A) or even the 7Hz Timeless (B/A-) but still a tad bit better than the Fiio FD5 or Tripowin Mele.