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Tin T3 Plus – I finally like Tin

The Tin T3 Plus might just be the first Tin IEM I actually like. What can the $79-IEM achieve in a highly competitive price-point?

ProductTin HiFi T3 Plus
Driver Configuration1x Dynamic Driver (DD9)
Who is it for?People looking for an affordable IEM that handles almost all genres good (enough)

Frequency Response

About the IEM

  • Great and refreshing design
  • Finally a Tin IEM that fits, stays comfortable after longer usage
  • Good cable for the price
  • The first Tin IEM I with beautiful design and good fit

πŸ₯‡Can’t really wish for more given the sub $100 price point. One of the more beautiful IEM in my collection with adequate accessories.

Sound Impressions

  • Great consumer-focused tuning
  • Bass is fast and has power while never overwhelming the rest
  • Treble sometimes a little weak to non-existent
  • Vocals have good presence, can sometimes be slightly muffled
  • Lacking in detail and resolution, especially noticable compared to Aria/Starfield
  • Suprisingly big soundstage

πŸ₯ˆ Solid sonic performance that doesn’t really do anything wrong while not excelling at anything either. The best sounding Tin IEM for my taste so far.


Moondrop Starfield

Since I don’t own the Moondrop Aria, I’ll compare the T3 Plus to the somewhat similar Moondrop Starfield. Given the price difference, the Aria would be a fairer comparison.

Tin T3 Plus

  • Fit and design
  • More and better bass quantity and quality
  • More relaxed treble
  • Bigger soundstage
  • More exciting sound


Moondrop Starfield

  • Better technicalities, especially more detailed and higher resolution
  • Treble is more accurate and present, altough sometimes slightly piercing
  • Vocals more present and clearer

Tripowin Mele

The Mele are one of the defacto recommendations for great IEMs under $100. Their focus is on reproducing great bass (quality and quantity) and offering a more “fun” sound signature.

Tin T3 Plus

  • More balanced sound
  • Better representation of vocals
  • Better treble response
  • More details


Tripowin Mele

  • More bass and more “slam”
  • Especially more prominent subbass
  • Slightly better cable


The Tin T3 Plus might just be one of the best options under 100 Dollars. A pleasant sound signature that should fit most tastes with enough and qualitative bass coupled with good-enough resolution and details present a quite great package at that price point.

Additionally, the Tin T3 Plus have great fit and are well-crafted and well-designed. From a look-and-feel-perspective, the T3+ might just be one of the best Sub-100$ IEMs available right now.

With their quite similar frequency response – though vastly different quality in technicalities – the T3+ can offer a little taste of more expensive and better IEMs like Moondrop’s Blessing 2 Dusk.

Now, finally, after I’ve disliked all IEMs from Tin HiFi I tested – including the highly acclaimend Tin T2 – I’ve liked a Tin product. The T3 Plus is by quite a margin their best IEM. Here’s to hoping that Tin will follow this trend and their next releases will be closer to the T3 Plus – in design as well as sound.

βž• Positiv

  • Great fit and design
  • Great all rounder with tuning matching most tastes
  • Controlled bass
  • Surprisingly big sound stage

βž– Negativ

  • Bass can lack texture
  • Thin cable
  • Higher treble can be a bit too piercing
  • Resolution and details slightly lacking
  • Vocals sometimes muffled

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