Tin T3 Plus – I finally like Tin

ProductTin HiFi T3 Plus
Driver Configuration1x Dynamic Driver (DD9)
Who is it for?People looking for an affordable IEM that handles almost all genres good (enough)

Frequency Response

About the IEM

  • Great and refreshing design
  • Finally a Tin IEM that fits, stays comfortable after longer usage
  • Good cable for the price
  • The first Tin IEM I with beautiful design and good fit

🥇Can’t really wish for more given the sub $100 price point. One of the more beautiful IEM in my collection with adequate accessories.

Sound Impressions

  • Great consumer-focused tuning
  • Bass is fast and has power while never overwhelming the rest
  • Treble sometimes a little weak to non-existent
  • Vocals have good presence, can sometimes be slightly muffled
  • Lacking in detail and resolution, especially noticable compared to Aria/Starfield
  • Suprisingly big soundstage

🥈 Solid sonic performance that doesn’t really do anything wrong while not excelling at anything either. The best sounding Tin IEM for my taste so far.


Moondrop Starfield

Since I don’t own the Moondrop Aria, I’ll compare the T3 Plus to the somewhat similar Moondrop Starfield. Given the price difference, the Aria would be a fairer comparison.

Tin T3 Plus

  • Fit and design
  • More and better bass quantity and quality
  • More relaxed treble
  • Bigger soundstage
  • More exciting sound


Moondrop Starfield

  • Better technicalities, especially more detailed and higher resolution
  • Treble is more accurate and present, altough sometimes slightly piercing
  • Vocals more present and clearer

Tripowin Mele

The Mele are one of the defacto recommendations for great IEMs under $100. Their focus is on reproducing great bass (quality and quantity) and offering a more “fun” sound signature.

Tin T3 Plus

  • More balanced sound
  • Better representation of vocals
  • Better treble response
  • More details


Tripowin Mele

  • More bass and more “slam”
  • Especially more prominent subbass
  • Slightly better cable


The Tin T3 Plus might just be one of the best options under 100 Dollars. A pleasant sound signature that should fit most tastes with enough and qualitative bass coupled with good-enough resolution and details present a quite great package at that price point.

Additionally, the Tin T3 Plus have great fit and are well-crafted and well-designed. From a look-and-feel-perspective, the T3+ might just be one of the best Sub-100$ IEMs available right now.

With their quite similar frequency response – though vastly different quality in technicalities – the T3+ can offer a little taste of more expensive and better IEMs like Moondrop’s Blessing 2 Dusk.

Now, finally, after I’ve disliked all IEMs from Tin HiFi I tested – including the highly acclaimend Tin T2 – I’ve liked a Tin product. The T3 Plus is by quite a margin their best IEM. Here’s to hoping that Tin will follow this trend and their next releases will be closer to the T3 Plus – in design as well as sound.

➕ Positiv

  • Great fit and design
  • Great all rounder with tuning matching most tastes
  • Controlled bass
  • Surprisingly big sound stage

➖ Negativ

  • Bass can lack texture
  • Thin cable
  • Higher treble can be a bit too piercing
  • Resolution and details slightly lacking
  • Vocals sometimes muffled