IEM Ranking – Beta

IEM Ranking v2


All the changes since the last update to the ranking.

15th January 2022:

  • Ranking now includes + and – ratings (A+, D-, …)
  • Added Moondrop Variations
  • Changed Moondrop Blessing 2:Dusk, Zero Audio Carbon Tenore
  • Updated distribution graph

10th January 2022:

  • Tin T3 Plus
  • KZ ZEX Pro / CRN


My goal – inspired by Crinacle – is to more or less achieve a normal distribution with my ratings. Only the best of the best should receive the best rating, most IEMs tend to be mediocre.

I’ll regularly try to check this for myself and redistribute the rating accordingly to achieve as close to a normal distribution as possible. You can see the most recent distribution here:

Distribution as of 15th January 2022