CCA NRA Review – New Driver Technology for a Low Price

ProductCCA NRA
Driver configuration1x Dynamic Driver (DD) + 1x Magnetostatic Driver
ShopLinsoul / HiFiGo / AliExpress

Frequency Response

Der Frequency Response Graph der CCA NRA

About the IEM

  • Good enough fit, even for longer periods of time
  • Small scope of delivery, only 3 different tip sizes (1 type) and a mediocre cable at best
  • EST resp. MST-driver (magnetostatic) as unique selling proposition and innovation at this price-point

Sound Impressions

  • Subbass virtually non-existent
  • Pleasant, relaxed treble ➡️ attributable to EST/MST-driver?
  • Unnatural timbre, sound feels somewhat artificial and robotic
  • Lack of detail, especially on male vocals
  • Overall relaxed, not very intrusive sound



  • Treble
  • Relaxed sound
  • Tonality


Vergleichsgraph zwischen dem CCA NRA und dem KZ DQ6


  • Fit and comfort
  • Bass
  • Vocals
  • Details
  • One (if not the) best sound KZ /CCA IEMs


  • Treble
  • Relaxed sound
  • Comfort
  • Design
  • Mids and Vocals


Blon BL03

  • Bass
  • Details
  • Cable


➕ Positiv

  • Relaxed, pleasant sound
  • Fit & comfort, even for longer periods
  • Position and weight of vocals
  • Pleasant treble
  • Innovative driver configuration in this price segment

➖ Negativ

  • Cable & packaging (although ok for this price)
  • Details and resolution clearly too low
  • Unnatural timbre
  • Subbass almost non-existent
  • Somewhat uncontrolled, blurred bass
  • Inaccurate imaging
  • Average soundstage

The CCA NRA isn’t necessarily a bad product. I’d just prefer a couple of other IEMs at the same price over the NRA. Blon’s BL03, KZ’s (CCA’s sister) own DQ6 or Moondrop’s SSP are all similarly priced but offer a more complete and mostly better sounding package. 

The NRA might still be a nice experience for interested buyers, offering a somewhat unique driver configuration at such a low price. Especially the treble region really profits from the magnetostatic driver.

All in all, the NRA aren’t a must-have IEM for every collector like the BL03 might be, but they surely are worth a look if you’re looking for something (technically) different. The sound isn’t disappointing but also not overwhelmingly amazing.